11 Essential Tools for the Competitive Cyclist


Are you cycling for sports? Then these essential tools are for you!

Tire Levers

These are obviously important. They will make it easier for you to remove a tire, without depending on a screwdriver. Seriously, you can’t have too many of them if you’re a cyclist.

Phillips and Flathead Screwdrivers

Speaking of screwdrivers, these tools are needed as well for maintenance. Before purchasing screwdrivers for your bike, however, ensure that you know the exact size of heads you’re going to get.

Hex Keys


Anyone who claims to be a competitive cyclist but does not have hex keys is probably not competitive enough. Hex keys, or commonly known for its brand name “Allen,” are a necessity. Some bicycle toolmakers make sets, but the quality ones from the hardware store will work just fine. If you don’t have hex keys yet, I suggest you get the ones that enable you to rotate bolts from an angle easily. Also, don’t forget that you must have the following sizes: 1.5-, 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 8-, and 10mm. As long as you have these sizes, you can work with those crankarm fixing bolts, small setscrews on suspension-fork adjuster knobs, and others.

Lockring Remover

As the name implies, this tool gets rid of the locking from the rear wheel’s cassette. It’s one of the much-needed maintenance tools you need to get your hands on before competing.

Wrench Force Shock Pump

Need to regulate the air pressure in your rear suspension pieces or suspension forks? Get yourself a shock pump to do the job. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble during the race.

Chain Tool

Nowadays, compact chain tools are in-demand. There are many varieties of chain tools, however, and some could be too gorgeous to use. It’s as if some of these tools are made to honor a chain replacement ritual.

Socket Wrenches

Stanley STMT71652 123-Piece Socket Set

You may think you don’t need these, but some competitive cyclists have regretted not having these in their toolkit. To be safe, make sure you get 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm sizes. To avoid regret, get a socket set for your bike repair or maintenance.

Flat 10″ File

This is another tool you might deem unimportant but is perfect for lots of tiny things. You’ll never know you needed one until the exact moment you do. Trust me.

6″ 150mm Adjustable Crescent Wrench

This wrench will save the day by giving you the power to do tons of significant things with your bike aside from adjusting the nuts.

Wire Cutter

The item is self-explanatory. Of course, you need it to cut old cables or housing from your bike with ease.

Slip Joint Wrench

Finally, if you need to be steady while holding or repairing something, this could be your best friend, especially if you’re one who sweats a lot.